Here are some interesting willow-related bits and pieces. If you have a story or happening included here, send an email to (don’t forget your contact details and, if possible, some information about who you are and what you do).



Willow sculpture at De Haan nr Oostende, Belgium (2012)


Willow pig at Culzean Castle (2003)

collage28brahan collage 2

The Big Willow at Brahan – photos and collage by Les Bates


willow figure-

Willow figure by Les Bates


Willow Harvest in Angus – Fred Conacher – Feb 09

Angus Millennium Forest (an Angus wide community woodland project) is alive and cutting, with a harvest of 500 willow rods from one of its 3 coppice willow stands in Carnoustie.

One of the local schools Woodlands Primary School needed willow rods for an outdoor willow tunnel project within their new school grounds in Carnoustie. Richard Bramhall contacted the local Council Tree Officer for help. On the 3rd of February in sleet, drizzle and mud, twenty eight pupils and four teachers walked down the road to their local community woodland to meet Fred Conacher, the Angus Council Tree Officer, to harvest their requirements. After a quick introduction and demonstration the work began – cutting, selecting rods and clearing the coppice stools of other unwanted shoots.
The waste wood and prunings were left back in the wood around the stools to break down and help stabilise the wet bank, another job the willow coppice stand is doing on this site. The rods were then tied into bundles of 20 rods each and carried back to the school with the help of the 32 newly recruited woods people.


Willow Sculpture at Falkland, Fife (photographed June 2009)

gedc1854 kids-arts-crafts ohp-enviro-004 ohp-enviro-020

Willow Sculpture and workshops by June McEwan